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A series of Club activities to promote and cultivate the talent of student are conducted on working Saturday.

Interact Club : Interact is an international organization of services and social clubs for young people of secondary school that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace student of grade 1st to 8th of angel kids international school hold important office in the interact Club and carry out activities throughout the year inside and outside the school.

Eco Club:The objective are:

To create awareness on the need to conserve our flora and fauna To make the student understand the value of conservation of resource – a global issue To motivate the student to actively take part in various project /activities based on echo –balance –“Need of the hour”

Literary Club: The objective are:
To enhance the following Skill

  • Oratory
  • Writing
  • Debating
  • Reading

Reading Club: the object is To inculcate the habit of reading in students ***well equipped Science Laboratory **Our Laboratory is very Spacious which can Accommodate 15 student at a Time. Our lab is well equipped with highly advanced microscope, for better Results. Verities of permanent slider are easily accessible of children. Moreover beautifully painted and well labeled Diagrammatic representation of various Specimens are present along with virtual Image of specimen. So that students can visualize and understand a specimen easily.


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